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Tony Gooch: From Crime to Redemption on The Criminal Connection Podcast Episode #30

Early Life and Introduction to Crime

Tony Gooch, once a well-known figure in the criminal underworld, shares his journey from a life of crime to becoming a reformed individual. Born into a challenging environment, Tony’s early life in Shepperton and later in Ashford was marked by a lack of opportunities and a propensity for getting into trouble. His first brush with the law came at a young age, leading to his initial court sentence.

The Escalation of Criminal Activities

Tony’s criminal activities began with stealing motorbikes and cars out of boredom. As he grew older, these petty crimes escalated into more serious offenses, including armed robberies, drug dealings, and kidnappings. He and his associates even invented a dangerous game called “bumper cars,” where they would steal vehicles and ram each other, causing chaos on the roads.

Infamy and Encounters with the Law

Tony became infamous for his escapades, prompting the police to take drastic measures to catch him and his gang. Despite several run-ins with the law, including a dramatic high-speed chase that resulted in the destruction of 16 police cars, Tony managed to evade capture multiple times. His criminal activities were not limited to theft; he was also involved in debt collecting, often using violent means to recover money.

Brush with Death and Turning Point

A significant turning point in Tony’s life came when he narrowly escaped a lengthy prison sentence. Accused of a tiger kidnapping—a crime involving the abduction of individuals to gain access to valuables—Tony faced the prospect of spending decades behind bars. However, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence, and he was released.

Reformation and New Beginnings

Tony’s last prison sentence marked a decisive moment in his life. During his incarceration, he participated in the TV show “Britain Behind Bars,” which led to new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Encouraged by filmmaker Jamie Bentin, Tony ventured into

documentary filmmaking, producing a successful documentary about the traveling community that became a bestseller on Amazon Prime.

Transition to Acting

With a new found focus, Tony turned his attention to acting. He has since been involved in various projects, including a series on Amazon Prime and a script he wrote called “A Brother’s Love.” His passion for acting drives him to seek diverse roles, aiming to bring characters to life and share his unique experiences with a broader audience.

Reflection and Future Aspirations

Looking back, Tony acknowledges the lessons learned from his past. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and pursuing legitimate endeavors. His goal is to continue acting and creating content that resonates with people, proving that change is possible regardless of one’s past.


Tony Gooch’s story is a testament to the power of transformation and redemption. From a notorious criminal to a burgeoning actor and filmmaker, his journey underscores the importance of perseverance, self-reflection, and the willingness to change. Tony’s life serves as an inspiration, illustrating that it is never too late to turn one’s life around and strive for a better future.