Latest News - - May 24, 2024

GIRLVRSE Special Live Stream With B Simone! 

The newly formed GIRLVRSE, a dynamic group of six talented women, partnered with 4Sake Studios in London as their streaming home. The group, comprising Zoe, Jade, Shemara, Balia, Choux, and Madison, is making waves in the online streaming community with their diverse content and vibrant personalities. Shemara London and Madison B also recently released their new single ‘Kissable’, which has been a hit amongst the music community.

Recently, GIRLVRSE thrilled their growing fanbase with an engaging stream featuring B. Simone, the renowned American actress and producer with 12M+ Followers. The collaboration highlighted GIRLVRSE’S reach and commitment to bringing unique and exciting content to their audience, leveraging 4Sake Studios and team to deliver high-quality streams.

GIRLVRSE’s decision to work with 4Sake and base their main streaming content at 4Sake Studios underlines their dedication to professional production values and innovative streaming experiences, setting a new standard in the digital content creation landscape. You can watch GIRLVRSE’s main streams every Tuesday live on at 7pm GMT.