Latest News - - May 20, 2024

Criminal Connection Podcast Teams with BetterHelp for Mental Health Support

A Partnership highlighting the importance of mental health support within the community, Criminal Connection Podcast team up with BetterHelp. This partnership not only underscores the podcast’s dedication to addressing well-being but also offers a platform for listeners to access vital mental health resources. Deal brokered by 4Sake.

BetterHelp, a leading online therapy platform, provides convenient and confidential access to licensed therapists, counselors, and psychologists. Through its user-friendly interface and flexible scheduling options, BetterHelp offers individuals a safe space to seek professional guidance, counseling, and support for a wide range of mental health concerns.

The decision to integrate BetterHelp into the podcast reflects Criminal Connection Podcast’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for its audience. In recognising the increase in mental health, the podcast aims to destigmatize discussions surrounding mental wellness and encourage proactive steps towards self-care and emotional resilience.

Criminal Connection Podcast’s partnership with BetterHelp serves as a testament to its dedication to promoting comprehensive self-care practices beyond traditional notions of security. The integration of BetterHelp into the show represents a significant step towards promoting mental health awareness and accessibility within the community. Through this partnership, listeners are encouraged to prioritize their emotional well-being and seek support when needed, thereby fostering a culture of self-care, resilience, and empowerment.