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Chet Sandhu on The Criminal Connection Podcast EP #34

The latest episode of “The Criminal Connection” podcast features a riveting conversation with Chet Sandu, a man whose life story reads like a Hollywood script. Born in 1968 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, to immigrant parents from Pakistan, Sandu’s early years were marked by hardship and cultural isolation. Growing up in a crowded house with eleven family members, he faced the challenges of learning English.

Sandu’s journey into the criminal underworld began innocuously enough. At school, he found acceptance among a group of misfit peers who engaged in minor thefts and delinquency. His father, a strict Sikh, disapproved of this path, but young Chet was drawn to the allure of quick money and camaraderie.

The turning point came when Sandu discovered the lucrative world of steroids. In the 1990s, he traveled to Karachi, Pakistan, where he established connections with suppliers linked to the Taliban. Despite the dangers, he began smuggling massive quantities of steroids into the UK, making a substantial profit. His operation expanded, and he became a significant player in the illegal drug trade.

However, his criminal activities caught the attention of international law enforcement. Sandu was eventually arrested in Alicante, Spain, with a quarter of a million Valium pills, marking the largest pharmaceutical drug seizure in Spanish history. He was sentenced to eleven years in a notoriously harsh Spanish prison, where he faced brutal conditions, violence, and disease.

After serving his sentence in Spain and returning to the UK, Sandu struggled to find a foothold in legitimate society. He was drawn back into the criminal world, joining a firm in Newcastle that controlled drug trafficking and prostitution. This period of his life was marked by extreme violence, including kidnappings and confrontations with rival gangs.

His criminal enterprise came to a halt when he was arrested again, this time in the UK, and sentenced to another seven years in prison. It was during this time that Sandu began to re-evaluate his life. His mother’s suffering due to his incarcerations weighed heavily on him, prompting a desire to change.

Upon his release, Sandu decided to turn his life around. He reconnected with his artistic roots, began painting, and published a book about his experiences. His book, “Self-Made: Juice Paid,” offers a candid look at his life, from the highs of criminal success to the lows of imprisonment.

Sandu’s story is not just a tale of crime but also one of redemption. He now works with youth offenders, sharing his experiences to steer them away from a life of crime. His message is clear: while the criminal lifestyle may seem glamorous, it ultimately leads to suffering and loss.

The podcast episode also highlights Sandu’s involvement in the Channel 4 documentary “Banged Up,” where he shared his prison experiences with celebrities. His participation brought attention to the harsh realities of prison life and the importance of rehabilitation and prevention.

Sandu’s life serves as a powerful reminder of the consequences of crime and the possibility of change. His story is a testament to human resilience and the capacity for transformation. By mentoring young people and advocating for preventative measures, he aims to prevent others from making the same mistakes he did.

For listeners of “The Criminal Connection,” Sandu’s interview provides a gripping, unfiltered glimpse into the world of crime and the long road to redemption. His story underscores the importance of making positive choices and the potential for new beginnings, no matter how dark the past may be.