Toomey Motor Group Video Content Series

Kimura Performance Partnership

Case Study

Brief Overview

Toomeys Motor Group, sponsor of Southend United Football Club, wanted to create an engaging video series featuring the club’s players and Toomeys staff. The goal was to leverage the sponsorship and generate local brand awareness.

Planning and Strategy

Digital Pie won the project by proposing a creative activation that maximised a single day of filming. We planned four unique video segments:


 – Penalty Shootout: A friendly quiz where one team of Southend players battled a Toomeys staff team. Questions tested car brand identification for southend players and football knowledge for the Toomeys staff. Whoever answers correctly has the chance to take a penalty, anyone who gets it wrong has to take a dizzy penalty! Click here to watch

 – Obstacle Course Challenge: A fun and fast-paced competition featuring a custom-designed obstacle course. Click here to watch


 – Five-Shot Challenge: A classic test of football skills, with players showcasing their accuracy. Click here to watch


 – Iconic Goal Reenactment: A nostalgic segment where players recreated famous footballing goals. Click here to watch

The Results

Digital Pie delivered a high-quality video series for Toomeys, capturing their day at Roots Hall Stadium. Toomeys was thrilled with the content, which effectively boosted local brand awareness through social media distribution.