Adidas x Top Baller Partnership for Adidas Predator Launch

Kimura Performance Partnership

Case Study

Brief Overview

In a strategic partnership aimed at promoting the launch of the new Adidas Predator football boots, Adidas collaborated with Top Baller, a leading grassroots football organization. The partnership was designed to create a series of high-energy, engaging events across four major UK cities: Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Liverpool. This case study explores the planning, execution, and impact of the campaign.



Product Promotion: Showcase the new Adidas Predator football boots to a wide audience.

Brand Engagement: Strengthen Adidas’s brand presence in key UK markets through direct consumer engagement.

Community Involvement: Foster community spirit and support grassroots football through collaborative events.

Planning and Strategy

Event Locations and Timing:

○ Manchester: A football field in the heart of Manchester’s football community.

○ Birmingham: A local football pitch near Birmingham city centre.

○ London: Hosted at premier league club Fulham’s training pitch.

○ Liverpool: Event at a historical football field local to Anfield Stadium.


Target Audience: Young football enthusiasts, semi-professional players, and local communities.


Promotional Activities:

○ Social media campaigns leading up to the events with promotional video

○ Press releases and website promotion to increase sign ups to the events

○ Teaser videos and countdowns highlighting the new Predator boots and Uk tour series between Top Baler & Adidas via a sign up system.

The Results

Brand Exposure: The campaign reached an estimated 22M video views and impressions through social media, event participation, video views. Significantly boosting awareness of the new Adidas Predator line.


Consumer Engagement: Attendees engaged in hands-on activities, fostering a strong connection to the Adidas brand and the Predator product.