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Cameron Corp on Power, Precision, and the Journey: The Yours, Mine, Away! Podcast Ep #67

In a recent episode of the “Yours Mine Away” podcast, host Mark Howard, a professional goalkeeper, welcomed a special guest, Cameron Corp. Known as “Mr. Power and Precision,” Cameron shared insights into his journey from social media enthusiast to a key figure at Pro Direct, and his love for free kicks and football boots.

The Journey to Pro Direct

Cameron Corp’s journey began almost a decade ago, in May 2014, when he started sharing his passion for football on social media. “I just like to get involved,” Cameron said. “I’m so passionate and enthusiastic that anytime I see an opportunity, I go for it.” His dedication and unique content creation skills eventually caught the attention of Pro Direct, where he was hired as a producer despite not having traditional production experience.

“I had all the experience of being a social media creator,” Cameron explained. “They saw the potential in me bringing a new way of working for the access and opportunities they get.” Over the years, Cameron transitioned to a more product-focused role, where he now helps to authenticate and market the latest football products.

Free Kicks and Competitive Spirit

Cameron’s love for football, especially taking free kicks, is evident. He practices relentlessly, taking up to 2,000 shots per week. His dedication was highlighted during a memorable interaction with Bruno Fernandes. After nailing a free kick into a small target, Fernandes remarked on Cameron’s skills, a moment that Cameron cherishes and even uses as his text message tone.

“I remember getting in the taxi back from that shoot, smiling ear to ear,” Cameron recalled. “How on Earth did I just film with one of my favourite players and perform well?”

Working with Pro Footballers

Cameron has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best footballers through Pro Direct. His list of collaborations includes names like Sergio Ramos, Mo Salah, Marcus Rashford, and Harry Kane. Each interaction left a mark on him, not just for the star power but for the personalities and professionalism of these athletes.

“Sergio Ramos was incredibly friendly but also very intimidating,” Cameron noted. “When he spoke in Spanish with his deep voice, I thought, ‘If he’s my captain, I’m putting my life on the line for that man.'”

Content Creation and Future Plans

Despite his success, Cameron remains grounded and continuously strives to improve. His goal is to balance his professional commitments with Pro Direct while also dedicating more time to his personal content creation. “I want to be more productive with my time away from the job,” Cameron said. “It’s not about the views or the goals; it’s about fuelling my passion.”


Cameron Corp’s story is one of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether he’s taking free kicks, working behind the scenes at Pro Direct, or creating content for his own channels, Cameron’s enthusiasm for football shines through. His journey serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to turn their passion into a career.